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Top seller shuang ma double horse rc helicopters:

Top seller shuangma double horse rc helicopter replacement spare parts


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DFD F163 big AVATAR 4 CHANNEL RC helicopter replacement spare parts

F163 spare parts

F163 spare parts

lower main gear $3.5
landing gear $5
upper main gear $3
tail blade $2
battery $9
balance bar $4.5
inner shaft $4
connect buckle $2
main blades $5.5
charger $7
tail motor $6
main motor with long pin $6
main motor with short pin $6
tail unit $7
decorated bar $3.5
main frame $4.5
lower main frame $4
lower main blade grip set $3
upper main blade grip set $3
balance blade $3
left and right motor cover $5.5
head cover blue color $6.5
head cover red color $6.5
left/right motor $6