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Top seller shuang ma double horse rc helicopters:

Top seller shuangma double horse rc helicopter replacement spare parts


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9104 71CM 3.5 Channel RC helicopter.very big outdoor model.

* Alloy structure, unique design
* With Built-In Gyro
* Full Function 3.5 Channels

Learn to Fly a Radio-Controlled Helicopter

1--Read the instruction booklet that comes with your RC helicopter. Make sure you have at least a basic working understanding of the constituent parts and mechanisms that drive your RC helicopter. This will only help make learning to fly one easier

2--Make sure that there are no loose screws on your RC helicopter before you try to fly it. Loose screws can result in important parts flying off as you attempt to make the helicopter airborne, and can lead to significant damage to your RC helicopter.

3--Have your RC helicopter unit checked over by someone with advanced expertise before you fly it. He or she will be able to spot any assembly flaws that might prevent proper flight or cause damage to your helicopter.


4--Familiarize yourself with the different functions of the control panel before you attempt to fly. Most RC helicopters' control units have the same controls that are found in real helicopters, and can be quite complex in nature. The instruction manual included with your unit will walk you through the details.


5--Master the skill of hovering before you attempt any other moves with your RC helicopter. This skill alone can take many attempts to master, and it is the most basic and necessary function you will need control of as you develop in skill.


6--Move on to more advanced techniques, such as turns and dips, when you are comfortable with your ability to hover. Expect that you will crash your RC helicopter frequently as you learn to fly it. It is best to learn to fly it over a grassy area that can absorb the shock of a crash and may minimize and prevent damage to your helicopter.


7--Practice, practice, practice. Eventually, the skills you need to successfully fly an RC helicopter will become a matter of course.

What is channel mean?

- 2-channel helicopter: up and down ,left and right.

- 3 channel helicopter: up and down (main rotor speed), turn left and right,forwaird and backward (tail rotor to change the direction of rotation)

- 4-channel helicopter: up and down , forwaird and backward , turn left and right, left and right shift (aileron servo)

- 6-channel helicopter: from top to bottom (electronic speed controller), left turn (gyro),forward and backward the (elevator machine), pan left and right (aileron servo), flying and upside down (pitch servo)


How to Fly RC Indoor Helicopters

Some remote control (RC) helicopter models are designed to fly indoors, and don't work quite as well outdoors. Learning to fly one of these helicopters is a good way to start learning how to fly model copters, because there are fewer distractions and obstacles outdoors. How you fly an RC indoor helicopter is a simple process, easy-to-learn with most models of these machines. However, to master flying these toys, you do need to practice.

Charge the helicopter following the directions for the toy you are using. Most have a charging cable inside the controller that connects to a port on the side of the helicopter. Give the model a few minutes to charge. Usually it will indicate it is ready with an LED.

Unplug the charge cord and power on the helicopter model.

Move the throttle up to power on the main rotor. Move it up slowly until the helicopter lifts off the ground. The higher you move the throttle, the higher your helicopter will fly. Ease the helicopter into an easy hover.

Adjust the trim of the helicopter. If the helicopter is spinning to the left or right, adjust the trim in the opposite direction. If your helicopter turns to the right, adjust the trim to the left.

Use the control stick to direct the helicopter's flight. When you tilt the stick to the left, the helicopter will turn left, when you tilt it to the right, the copter flies right. These aircraft respond best to light, easy motions. Use controlled movements instead of jerking the controls around.

Land the helicopter by slowly easing the throttle back down until the helicopter touches down on the ground. Then, shut off the throttle and power down the controller and the helicopter.


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