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MINGJI 805 UFO Remote Control 3.5 Channel Robotic UFO Flying Ball with Gyro

$29USD [worldwide free shipping]

This is a novelty toy, which is great fun to fly and easy to control. It is essentially a 'flying ball'. What appears to be a coaxial helicopter is contained in an almost round ball frame.

Flying the 805 is a bit like flying a coaxial helicopter. You get it off the ground easily and it sits with lights flashing waiting for instructions. Actually looks like a UFO.

Move the rudder control to its full extent and the UFO spins in one spot like a flying saucer. Use the elevator control to move it around the room.

The external protecting grill/frame, is sturdy enough to quard against damage if the 'flying ball' is bounced off the wall or ceiling or floor.

It has:

  • An almost round protecting grill with a partial helicopter inside.
  • 3 movement channels - throttle, rudder, and elevator.
  • It is controlled by an infra-red remote control unit.

It has a Gyro which makes the UFO easy to fly and maneouver. A Gyro stabilises the aircraft reducing the incidence of crashing and the need for replacing parts.

The UFO is very light, stable and quiet. It is quite sturdy.

The UFO is ready to run, there is no assembly required. All you need to do is charge the UFO battery, add AA batteries to the remote control unit and you are good to go.

Full flight up/down, left/right turn, spin left/right, and forward/backward movement, and hover.

Suitable for indoor flights, and outdoors in very low wind conditions.

Ideal for teenagers 14 years and older, and adults. No previous flying experience is needed to fly and have fun with the 805 UFO.



  • 3 Channels allowing forward/backwards, left/right turn, and up/down control.
  • The throttle can be placed at any position, allowing the 805 UFO to stay in the air with both your hands free.
  • Infra-red remote control unit.


Product Includes

  • 805 UFO fully assembled.
  • Infra-red remote control unit.
  • Li-polymer battery.
  • USB Charging cable.
  • Instruction Manual.

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