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MJX F45 F645 RC Helicopter 2.4G 4CH F-SERIES w/ MEMS GYRO & LCD Transmitter


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Product description:
* The new F645 model of MJX was from the factory with a 4 channel radio remote control equipped with 2.4 Mhz.
* The powerful 7.4V Li-Po battery with 1500mA is usually installed only on far more expensive helicopters. The flight time could be extended to a period of about 10 minutes. To fly as easily as a coaxial helicopter. This makes it possible for inexperienced people to learn how to fly helicopters.
* The F645 features the latest generation of the roundabout - Gyroscopetechnik. This avoids unwanted rotations are right around the vertical axis. An annoying and constant control by correcting is no longer necessary.
* So you have - more opportunities to focus on the fly - especially as a beginner. Lets you regulate agressiveres and docile behavior. For the outdoor and indoor use, or for beginners and advanced pilots.
* A camera device is even available, so you can easily mount a camera and take pictures of your immediate maneuvers.

• Length about 700 mm-27.5"
• height about 70 mm -7.9"
• Width 110 mm-4"
• Top design of MJX
• 7.4V 1500mAh Lipo battery from 14 years
• Flight time approx 7-10 minutes single rotor technology
• Flight Stabilizer

• Flight 50-100m - approx.175ft
• Ready to Fly

The helicopter comes in two colors red and green for delivery. Color preferences can be considered depending on the storage level .. (please leave notes in paypal or send us message via eBay.)

• 4 channel RC helicopter X 1
• 7.4 V 1500 Li-Po battery installed
• 4-channel 2.4 GHz - Remote Control
• Charger

• Spare blade and tail blade








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