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NiHui H377 2.4G Remote

Control Toys 6CH 3D Flybarless

Mini RC Helicopter RTF for

Children Christmas Gifts

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Product Description

New NiHui H377 small 6CH helicopter shocked the market, preferred beginners!
Why to choose NiHui H377: this is the real helicopter 6ch 3D helicopter, it's flying exactly the same large 3D helicopter, so can lay a solid foundation for the future to realize the dream of 3D helicopters, each of us has a dream 3D hobby who wants to have a beginner small helicopter and will now be able to practice indoors, then select NiHui H377! Cheaper and the best professional machine!
NiHui H377 pcb board is as good as Blade MCPX V2 and 130X,but MCPX V2 accessories are very expensive and 130X is not shatter resistant !
Powerfull than Wltoys V966,More Suitable for Beginner than Wltoys V977




Length: 247.5mm
Height: 84.3mm
Weight: 52g
Propeller Length:113mm
Rotating propeller Diameter: 250mm
Tail Rotor blade Diameter: 40mm
Battery Specification:7.4V 300mAh
Flight Time: 4-5min
Function: Besides normal actions,it can do inverted flight
Control distance:150m
Charging time:more than 30mins
Transmitter: 2.4G - 6 CH with LCD display,4*AA batteries





Super steering gear: stable performance, inverted fly can be very stable.
Strong disturb resistance: 2.4 G frequency control technology, many helicopters fly independantly at the same time.
Professional LCD control panel: professional LCD electronic governor, each data can be adjusted through the menu, more ways to adjust the plane.
Function:forward/backward,left and right turn,left and right side fly,up and down,inverted hovering, 3D.
The Remote Controller can be used for Phoenix Simulator



Package Includes:


1 x RC Helicopter
1 x Transmitter
2 x Batteries
1 x Charger
1 x Main Blade
1 x Tail Blade
1 x Srcew Set
1 x Manual




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