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Top seller shuangma double horse rc helicopter replacement spare parts


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SH 6030 10.6 Inch Swift C7 3.5CH

Infrared Spy Mini RC Helicopter With


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Always keep shooing Video from your RC Helicopter? The Swift C7 does it for you! 
The Swift C7 is first of its kind, latest product from the Swift Helicopters. It has a 1.3 mega-pixel camera on broad, under the Heli frame, right under the belly, it is controlled by the ON / OFF switch on the transmitter, you can start shooting and close when you the transmitter, it's simple. The storage media is a Micro SD card that is included in the package, a 1GB Micro SD card, it is more than enough to shoot for each flight. For the helicopter structure, it is a Co-Axial Rotor Head design, sturdy construction in all RC helis, specially made for beginners and very durable because the low weight of the helicopter. The Swift C7 combines a built-in camera and the great stability Heli structure, there may be some funny video like exploring the house and rooms, or check the condition of your roof shoot or surprise your kids upstairs from outside the windows .. .. just make sure that the location is wind-less, it can do a pretty good job. This toy helicopter is for anyone over 8 years old designed, flight time is around 5-6 minutes after 20-30 minutes charging. It can fly in 6 directions. They are:

- Rotate clockwise / counterclockwise 
- Forward / Backward 
- Move Up / Down




 1.Built-in 1.3 mega-pixel camera! 
Video recordings on a Micro SD card and read the video via USB Card Reader
2.The Spy in the air 
It's small, it's quiet and it sneaks around the house!
3. 100% pre-assembled 
It's 100% assembled, you can fly it in just a few minutes out of the box. Just a quick charge of the battery and you are ready to start!

4.Palm Size Helicopter 
Controlled by an infrared transmitter, flies very good indoor
5. Metal frame 
Very durable during crash
6. Infrared Transmitter 
Remotely control the ON / OFF the camera
7. You can charge the heli through transmitter again 
Do not even bother to find the charger
8. Able free of charge with USB cable! 
I do not want to drain the battery pack in your transmitter? Simple, you can (included) your helicopter through the USB cable to charge



Package includes:

- Helicopter 
- Remote Controller 
- USB Charging Wire 
- Replacement Main Blade Set (1 pc Top Rotor, 1 pcs of Bottom Rotor.) 
- Spare Tail Blade (2 pieces) 
- Replacement Side rotor blade (2 pieces) 
- Available USB Card Reader 
- Free 1GB Micro SD Card




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